How to soft restart/reset Wisblock 4630 from software?

Hello, is there a way to restart/reset the Wisblock 4630 (i.e. soft reset) from within the software? For example, 1) I would like to set a watchdog that resets the chip if my user-code hangs, and 2) I would like to be able to send a restart command remotely to the unit via LoRa.

I found this on the FreeRTOS forum, but it’s quite old, and also a bit confusing.

I also found this on the RAK forum regarding an implementation of WDT.

However, still looking for info on initiating a soft reset manually via code.


See if NVIC_SystemReset() or __NVIC_SystemReset() is exposed through the layers of the build system.

If not it can probably be done the hard way by doing what those macros typically do with the SCB->AIRCR

But do consider that loss of state in a LoRaWAN device can cause some issues.

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Just like @cstratton said,

You can execute NVIC_SystemReset(); and your RAK4630 will have a reset :ok_hand:

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