How to upgrade the firmware of BG96 on itracker module?

How to upgrade the firmware of BG96 on itracker module?

You can upgrate the firmware of BG96 on itracker module through FOTA. Just according to the following tutorial to do it:

Quectel provides a method to update the firmware of BG96 via DFOTA (Delta Firmware Upgrade Over-the-air). And it is a simple way as below:

  1. Make sure your moudle has connected to operator net, you can query by the relevant AT commands are listed below:
     Query signal quality: AT+CSQ
     Query network registration status: AT+CREG? or AT+CGREG?
     Query the registered operator: AT+COPS?
    My test is based on 2G with China Mobile, and my init code is shown in the attached file.
  2. Put the delta firmware on HTTP server
  3. Execute AT+QFOTADL command. Then the module will automatically download the package from HTTP server via LTE/GPRS network and finally automatically upgrade the module’s firmware.

4.Use command :ATI to see the firmware version. For example, the response like below:
0> Quectel
0> BG96
0> Revision: BG96MAR02A 05 M1G (05 is the version num)

The overall process:

  1. moudle connect to operator net
  2. put firmware on http server and the address is like :
  3. use command and update finish automatically.
    +QIND: “FOTA”,“HTTPEND”,0 //Finish downloading the package from HTTP server.
    +QIND: “FOTA”,“UPDATING”, 1%
    +QIND: “FOTA”,“UPDATING”, 2%

    +QIND: “FOTA”,“UPDATING”, 100%
    +QIND: “FOTA”,“RESTORE”, 1%
    +QIND: “FOTA”,“RESTORE”, 2%

PS: attached file is below:

  1. my example init code (connect to net)
    0_1538208624689_example init.txt
  2. update firmware from 05 to 06 version and 06 to 05 version:
  3. detailed process of DFOTA by Quectel

Add new firmware:
from 06 to 07:

07 back to 06:

05 to 07 :

07 to 07.01:

07.01 to 08:


  1. The order of update must to be obeyed and no skip.
  2. AT+QFOTADL=<URL>, the length of URL is better to be less than 97. So the name of file can be renamed.

all these FW links seem to be dead. anyway to get this entire chain?

I’ve updated the link, please check again.

Hello , I’ve a RAK8212M and the version of the BG96 is BG96MAR02A04M1G so i need a delta from 4 to 5 to get update.

Can you upload the delta file on github ?