How to use Interface (RUI) API for rak811

I use RAK811 Breakout Board. I try load this example, but i can undestend how its work. i load bin files but nothing happens. MY code:

#include “rui.h”
#include “board.h”

static RUI_RETURN_STATUS rui_return_status;
RUI_LORA_STATUS_T app_lora_status; //record status

rui_lora_get_status(false,&app_lora_status);;//The query gets the current device status
static uint8_t sensor_data_cnt=0; //send data counter by LoRa



rui_lora_set_dev_eui(uint8_t *dev_eui);

rui_lora_set_app_eui(uint8_t *app_eui);

rui_lora_set_app_key(uint8_t *app_key);





How use rui API ??? the code throws an error in RUI online compel(

Hi @oleksander,

For RAK811 breakout board, you should use this source code:

You can compile it directly on RUI online compiler, or you can modify its source code according to your mind then compile on RUI online compiler.

When I compile and load code into rak811, the module does not work, nothing happens. I use usb-ttl to download the program. I try to use the program with AT command and it works, but rui do not work

rui code do not work, all code in