How to work with interruption with Wisblock Sensors?

Good morning,

In my project, I am working with Wisblock sensors: RAK1904, RAK1906, RAK5801 and RAK12500.

I would like to make the RAK4631 wake up from sleep/deep sleep mode base on the sensors interruptions. What is the procedures to configures the sensors for these interruptions?



An example for RAK1904 ==> WisBlock-Sensor-For-LoRaWAN/PlatformIO/src/RAK1904_acc.cpp at main · beegee-tokyo/WisBlock-Sensor-For-LoRaWAN · GitHub

RAK12500, RAK1906 and RAK5801 do not have interrupt outputs.

On the RAK12500 you might be able to use the PPS signal, but that is just a pulse that comes every second once the uBlox has a location fix.

Thank you by the information.

Since that these sensors don´t have interruption, could i “turn them off” to wait for the RAK1904 interruption, and “turn them on” the the RAK1904 interruption comes?

It will help a lot!



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