How work RTC in RAK811

i can’t get real time. the initialization mode ends. I call the get time function and as a result the hours become seconds and the maximum hours are 35.

I use COIDE and link

My function consist

HAL_RTC_GetTime(&RtcHandle, &st.CalendarTime, RTC_FORMAT_BCD);
Hour = st.CalendarTime.Hours;
Min = st.CalendarTime.Minutes;
Sec = st.CalendarTime.Seconds;
//HAL_RTC_GetDate(&RtcHandle, &date, RTC_FORMAT_BCD);
printf(" Time %d:%d:%d counter= %d",Hour,Min,Sec, counter);
counter += 1;

Hi @oleksander
Currently RAK811 is lorawan1.0.2 revB, does not support UTC function, stm32 RTC is only used as lorawan protocol stack timer, there is no time function.