I can't use Rak4630 At commands and APIs

I am using RAK4631 WisBlock LPWAN Module. I uploaded your sample codes via Arduino Ide and it works fine. But I want to use AT commands and ready APIs. I looked at your site, but I couldn’t find it. First of all, I need to put it in BOOT mode, but it does not respond to any commands via the serial terminal. I also tried with BLE but I am not getting any response to AT commands. Can you help me?

Welcome to the forum @programer

AT commands and RUI3 API are only working if your RAK4631 has the RUI3 bootloader.

When you double push reset, is the device showing up as an external drive?
If yes, then the bootloader of your RAK4631 is based on the open-source BSP, not on RUI3.

Here is the guide how to change the bootloader to RUI3.

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