I need advice for a beginner in choosing WisBlock components

Hello everyone!

I’ve been into LoRaWAN for a while now, using WisGate Edge Lite2, as well as some Dragino sensors (LSN50-V2, LDS02,…).
As a network, I use Helium where available.

My intention is to start using WisBlock and I need some advice, both hardware and software…

The goal is to make a module with one input and one output that would work in Class C.
Relay control would be via downlink (Class C), input monitoring in Class A (triggered on change state).
Power supply 5V DC, no solar or battery required.

I use Arduino IDE for programming.

The questions are:

  • is it possible to make a device that would work in Class C considering the hardware/software;

As Core I would use WisBlock Base Board 2nd Gen (RAK19007)

Which WicBlock Core to choose?

  • some of the RAK4631 / RAK4631-R / RAK4631-C or
  • RAK11310 or
  • RAK3372
    considering the above requirements and the Arduino IDE.

As I/O I would use “Relay Module 30V 2A HONGFA HF46F

Any suggestion of the above or anything else is welcome!

Welcome to the forum @marst

The RAK19007 + RAK13001 is a good combination if your max voltage on the relay contacts is 110C AC or below.

For the Core module it is more difficult.

The RAK4631-C comes with a voice recognition firmware license, I don’t think you need this.
Do you need BLE (for communication or setup), then the RAK4631 is the right model.
Do you want to program in Arduino open source BSP, then the RAK4631 or RAK11310 is a good choice.
Do you need low power consumption, then the RAK4631 is the better choice.

The RAK3372 and RAK4631-R are not based on the Arduino open source BSP. They are using our internal developed RUI3 firmware and API (closed source) which can achieve a lower power consumption than the open source Arduino BSP.
Using RUI3 is very similar to the open source version, you can find all API calls and how to install it in our Documentation Center

Hi, thanks and thanks for the reply!

For Base, surely RAK19007, and for Interface RAK13001 (voltage is DC and up to 12V with very low current) so it satisfies completely.

For Core, I was hoping there would be some more response from users…

I’ll have to look into it a little more.

In short, I certainly don’t need voice recognition, BLE maybe…

I think the choice will be RAK4631 or RAK3372, I will wait for a while, maybe someone will report their experiences…

From sales side, the RAK4631 is our best seller, the RAK3372 is quite new, but we are selling thousands of them in the plain stamp module version RAK3172 (used on custom PCB’s).

It all depends on your code size and power consumption requirements.