I need slightly different software

I need a multichannel concentrator, not a WAN gateway. I need the functionality of a 2245, but I want to keep the retrieved data in the RPi, and process it in house.

there must be a point in the software, after the packets from the radios are reassembled, then the next step is send that packet to UDP. That is where I want to divert the data to another program running in the RPi.

Is there a version of the software that lets me keep my packets local?

Hei @Geek_Emeritus ,

You can use the build in ChirpStack that comes with the the RAK firmware. You can than process it anyway you like for example with node red and dump it in a database, for example InfluxDB.


Have your program listen on a UDP port on the loopback interface and implement the Semtech UDP protocol, then configure the packet forwarder with the loopback port and IP.

You’ll be using the usual network paradigms, but the data will never actually go over the wire, just be bounced from sending to receiving socket in the kernel.