I2c, initialization

Hi friends,

  1. is the rui_i2c_init() call needed in my RUI code?
    If there is the at-command at+set_config=device:i2c … working, i2c has to be already initialized somehow.
    Should I call full initialization,
    or is rui_i2c.INSTANCE_ID = 1; enough,
    or …

  2. in the STM32 i2c device address must be shifted one bit left, for example
    HAL_StatusTypeDef std = HAL_I2C_IsDeviceReady(&hi2c1, SHTC3_ADDR << 1, 10, 1000);
    Is the DeviceAddress in RUI already shifted ?
    int status = rui_i2c_rw(&rui_i2c, RUI_IF_WRITE, SHTC3_ADDR, 0, tx, 2);

Thx Ant

at+set_config=device:i2c …
This command is no longer in use, but the interface exists.
The DeviceAddress in RUI already shifted.

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