I2C stuck in RAK7243/7244

Issue: The GPS stop working because the I2C stuck. The major problem is that the only way to recover from that is turn off the gateway (reboot does not fix it)

Setup: RAK7244C (also occur for me in 7243C see RAK7243 - GPS stop working)

Details: When the GPS stop working I test the I2C with sudo i2cdetect -y 1 and no address detectedimage
I can split the issue to 2 -

  1. what cause it to stuck
  2. way to recover
    the second one is more critical because I connected remotely and now the only way to fix it is turn off…

Dear Sagis,

Please burn the new latest firmware!

Please contact us here if you want to reproduce it!

Hi Nicholas,
It is very hard to reproduce this problem and I have it now so I’ll prefer to update the firmware after I’ll make some tests with you. In addition, from looking on the firmware changelog (https://github.com/RAKWireless/rak_common_for_gateway) it seems that no new updates on the I2C side.
No address found on the I2C bus. What is the way to reset/fix the I2C without turn off the gateway?