Improving accuracy of the RAK1910 UBLOX GPS module with realtime correction data (RTK)

Hello, does anyone have experience or thoughts about improving the accuracy of the RAK1910 UBLOX GPS receiver via the application of RTK (realtime kinematic) correction data?

Specifically in my use-case, internet-based RTK data could be obtained via NTRIP streamer using the RAK5860 cellular IOT modem and applied via the Wisblock microcontroller, before logging individual GPS location coordinates.

With up-to-date RTK data and a clear-sky signal, could the unit’s accuracy be improved to a few cm? or is the internal precision of the unit too low (i.e. not enough decimal places) such that additional correction data would be useless?

Any thoughts/suggestions appreciated.

@beegee , I am looking the same kind of solution for my Railroad company client. We need to know in each side-by-side train line with precision around 5 m. Take a look in the example below:

I found this video about RTK with LoRa: RTK-LoRa: High-Precision, Long-Range and Energy-Efficient Localization for Mobile IoT devices



Never tried to use RTK or a combination of GNSS and LoRa.

I Will try It and I Will give news as soon as possível.