In case of LoRaWAN Class A, about downlink data send,,

developing LoRa communication, We are building a LoRa communication environment with LoRa nodes and gateways.

I am writing because I have a question during development.
I’m currently planning to develop it in Class A environment.
In the case of Class A, I understand that once the data is transmitted from the node stage, two Rx-windows are opened. In this case, downlink is performed from the gateway server to Node, which seems to be the concept of sending data from server to Node. Is this right? And if that’s right, can anyone tell me how many times the Rx-window will be opened in Node, and how many times the server will send to Node?

There’s really only one send opportunity. The server and the gateway pick between the two at their own choice, considering in-the-moment factors like other scheduling and past frequency usage. If a node gets a reply in the first window, it will not listen during the second.

There is a flag in LoRaWAN that says “and by the way I have additional things for you” but the node would have to transmit again to create a new set of downlink windows where it might get those.

LoRaWAN is designed to be “uplink mostly” with downlinks preferably rather rare.

Thank you for your answer, sctratton.

I’m using RAK5205 node and RAK7258 gateway now, and I know that when I send downlink from gateway to node, I send RSSI and SNR values. I understand that you can change the setting of the node by sending the at-command command at this time. I’m a total beginner in terms of firmware modification, so I think it’d be better to revise tips or parts. Can I get a hint like this? Currently, we have confirmed that command comes into node when we create a private server and send command commands from the server.