Indoor deployment

Issue: Indoor coverage rule of thumb

Setup: RAK7240

LoRa® Server: ChirpStack

May I know if any could share rule-of-thumb or tools that could help in coverage planning using, say, RAK7240 with 3dBi antenna. The target deployment is a multi-storey commercial buildings.

Appreciate any help!

RAK did some testing see this.

How many floors are you trying to cover?
Any idea if they use reflective/K glass etc?
Are there other multi-storey commercial buildings adjacent (to reflect off)

I’ve done this with Multitech Gateways and depending on building design.
If the building has a large core of lifts/service risers/toilet & show blocks you may need two gateways on a floor or getaway with one every other/nth floor. But in my experience you always want to site survey.

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Much appreciate the information.

My site is a 12-storeys data center. It’s still being built. Challenge is that LoRa is being used during the construction period. No site survey is possible. Probably 2 per floor would be safer.

Andy, ok then assume there is no central core.
If it’s a green field site with no other buildings around then one per floor or every other.
If it’s anything like this you should be fine until they start adding HVAC & servcies

Lawrence, You’re a real Pro!
Which anntena gain will you choose in this scenario?

Hum, I didn’t check the GW model I use indoor gateways.
Are you using 8/16 channels?

I’m not an RF guy I know a little and from what I remember as you increase the gain you change it’s propagation pattern. I’ve been very well served by 3.0 dBi antenna both in EU & USA

Also you have to consider your countries TX power requirements. Where are you operating? Auz or there about’s judging by the time of your post.
EU: Maximum EIRP: 14 dBm - 27 dBm
USA: Maximum ERIP: 36 dBm
Auz: Maximum ERIP: 30 dBm