Installation of VNC VIEWER in RAK Gateway

Issue: Hello All,
Hope You Doing Well & Staying Safe. I made a LoRa GATEWAY By Using RAK2245 RPi HAT & RASPBERRY PI 3B+. I already registered my gateway on TTN.
Now I want to Install VNC VIEWER in my RAK OS through Command window or by any other way.
Any help will be appreciated.
Thank and Regards.


Can the following link help you?

Running a GUI should be OK but most of the tools are command line only so you may as well just use SSH to control the Pi

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Thank you for the reply.
i ll check it out.

Thank You for the reply,
I am using Putty as a command Window.
but what i need is to install the VNC VIEWER through Putty or by any other way.

This means you need some sort of desktop software running on the Pi for the VNC viewer to attach to - is this what you want to do?

As I said, there are few graphical tools for managing a gateway. What is it you hope to gain by having a graphical interface?

Here is the Raspberry Pi VNC information:

It includes the information about installing via the command line aka SSH aka using Putty

Absolutely Sir,
Thank You for the suggestion.
I already did it & got a error which is provided by picture below.
please go through it & give some suggestion.


You didn’t use the original firmware, did you? If you do, you can follow the instruction manual, connect to it first, and then log in.

I am using Rak2245 Firmware. Below is the link please check it out.

I think the fastest way is to reinstall the rpi OS desktop version and then install the gateway program.
This is the source code of the gateway program.

Thank you for the suggestion Sir.
I ll surely try this way next time.
But now i want is to open my VNC VIEWER Screen using Putty.
Please give some suggestion on it.

The RPi must be set to boot to desktop (service mode).
If a HDMI monitor is not attached then you need to specify a screen resolution in config.txt
Use GUI config tool or sudo raspi-config to do that.

If not booting to desktop then you need to use virtual mode. (Run vncserver from the command line).

sudo raspi-config

Select 7 Advanced Operations

Select 5 Resolution

if not,just reboot your raspberry (don’t close vnc session that show black screen “Cannot currently show the desktop”) and wait a minute till raspberry full loaded the desktop.

Thank You Sir for the suggestion.
I did it before and try it now also but observed a same Error.
Any other way?

Log in to the gateway via ssh, and then execute the following command
sudo apt-get install raspberrypi-ui-mods
Then, enable VNC in sudo raspi-config.

I just used this method to log in to the gateway through VNC Viewer.

Thank you for the reply sir.
It ll be a great help for me.

Thanks to all for supporting me.
i just done it using Resolution & commands.
appreciating your help.