Installing qmi driver for SIM7600E

Issue: QMI Drivers for SIM7600E



Details: How do I install QMI Drivers for SIM7600E. Looks like the default image of RPI Zero W has this by default, doesn’t seem to work on the RAK7246 gateway.

Dear vgsk,

Can you tell me why do you install QMI Drivers?
Maybe it has nothing to do with Lorawan!

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Dear Nicholas,

Thank you for replying promptly.

We already have a SIM7600 board that we would like to connect to the gateway for WWAN connectivity.

Dear vgsk,
Please refer this web:

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If I update the RPI to the latest version of the OS and kernel, hope it will not break the gateway functionalities.

Dear vgsk,

It is not break the gateway functionalities.

You can try it!

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