Installing WinGateOS 2 into RAK7391

Hi everyone.

Does it possible to install WisgateOS 2 into RAK7391. I can see there a few problem regarding WisgateOS 2 and RAK 7391 here in this forum, but is okay to install it?
Any guide on how to install?


Hello @FariqGhani
WisGateOS is not meant for the RAK7391 and it is not supported. That said, WisGateOS is based on OpenWRT and there are ports of OpenWRT for the CM4 so, at least the base of the system, could be ported to the RAK7391. This is not on the roadmap so don’t expect and official version of WisGateOS for the RAK7391 thou.

noted @xoseperez .

Thanks for the answer.