Interface different with different protocol

does the status page changes when we switch from Lora packet forwarder to lora basic station ?

below image when lora packet forwarder is enabled

below image when lora basic station is enabled


You are right!
Using basic station will only just treats the gateway as a forwarding function.

but i should still be able to see the LORA RF data as in the first screen shot above.

It is mainly to count the data in the built-in NS.

i am not using the inbuilt NS.

as soon as i switch to basic station from lora packet forwarder the RF data cannot be seen. why ?


Sorry, this is what we did not do well, just for the built-in server interface, we will accept your needs later.

but even when i connect to TTN i can see the RF interface.

TTN is not built in server ? i think you are really not understanding as to what i am asking .


Sorry to tell you!

Currently does not support packet statistics and data packet display in basic station mode.

We will make changes!

Best regards!

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