Interfacing BG96 with nRF52

Cellular interface libraries for BG95 with nRF52.

Details: One of your product RAK8212 is interfacing BG95 with nRF52. And I was wondering if the cellular interface being implemented is available open source.

We need a communication interface port like the one that exists here for st , sierra and u-blox.

I was wondering if someone has already done the porting of cellular interface for nordics, and we could get a head start.


Welcome to RAK forum @Ukhan717 .

RAK5010 and RAK8212 are based on RUI - Getting Started | RAKwireless Documentation Center

The logic is open but the core is not really opensource.

You can check the structure of the firmware of RAK5010 and RAK8212 here GitHub - RAKWireless/Products_practice_based_on_RUI_v2.0