Interfacing with WisDuino RAK811 Evaluation Board

We’d like to send AT commands to the eval board. We’re on a mac running latest version of macOS. If we hook up the board to this laptop, we’re seeing a device appear in /dev which is shown if we do “ls -d /dev”, namely: /dev/tty.usbserial-30

So then we figured, let’s use minicom to open the port and send something;

% minicom -b 115200 -D /dev/tty.usbserial-30

We’d expect that minicom opens the port, and we can type commands. However, this isn’t happening. We can’t type anything, and neither does the device appear to send something back.

Since the device appears in /dev, we figured that macOS includes the driver for serial-over-USB communication. Can anyone confirm this, or enlighten us? Sorry…love using the term we instead of i :slight_smile:

There’s a shed load of info on the GitHub page for this about which jumpers to set for different configs, may be worth checking out.

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Welcome to RAK forum @Arwindren .

I am a macOS user but my os is still Mojave. Can you try to use Coolterm as a serial terminal tool?

Download it here -

I am using it and I got no issue with all the USB-UART chips I got. FTDI, CH340, SiliconLabs’ CP210x series and Atmel chip built-in Arduino Boards.

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Me too, Mojave and CoolTerm!

I love the log everything in the background feature - so incredibly useful when something whizzes up the serial log and you want to have a look at it in slow time!

Although to be fair, all the chips you mentioned are OS level support - which is very Mac!

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Dear Nick,
Thanks for the tips. I am relatively very new to this. Can you please let me know the description of the jumper configuration so that I could look it up ? Thanks :pray:

Thanks a lot Carl. I really appreciate it.

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The docs:

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