IP67 Environmentally protected casing resistance to air sea and UV radiation

Issue: I would like to know if the IP67 Environmentally protected casing is resistant to air sea and UV radiation. We want to mount this tracker on a buoy.

Setup: Model with solar panel



Hello @rloschmann IP67 ingress protection means that this enclosure can protect the device inside from dust and against the effects of temporary immersion between 15cm and 1m. UV protection is something different. For UV you will need an IPX enclosure with a UV protective layer.
But we have a lot of customers that deploy this enclosure on boats, and marine cargo ships, and they perform well.

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This is a whole different level of IP67 - it could be immersed for hours and be beaten hard by any number of solid objects.

I think a Marine expert is the way forward here.

It can effectively be beaten hard by solid objects but only if the buoy unhooks and lands on a shore. Not really a problem for us. We only need to know the geolocation of the buoy when it is unhooked.
No problem for long immersions, the tracker will be about 1 meter above sea level.