Is debugging possible using PlatformIO

Is there some way to setup PlatformIO so I can use it to debug WisBlock device application code?
I have been able to do it with other boards either natively or via SWD using an ST dev board as an ST-Link SWD go between.

I do not have access to a J-Link device so I think that is not an option unless I try to convert the ST-Link board to a J-Link, if that’s even possible.

Is there a known way to accomplish this?

Hi @leroyle,

The ST-Link on dev boards are usually designed for ST chips. You can still try it though but there is no guarantee to work. The best way still is to have a jlink and used it as the debugger for platformIO.

The ST-Link is a “high level adapter” which means its not entirely generic over all non-ST SWD targets, but the Nordic BLE chips are among those it is known to work quite well with.

As such this is ultimately mostly a problem of PC-side software and configuration. I’ve debugged Nordic BLE chips using an ST-Link as the interface with openocd and arm-none-eabi-gdb, but there may be a variety of hurdles to overcome in getting a particular project set up for that, if it is - as apparently indicated above - not an officially supported path.

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I was hoping for a quick fix. But, I will see if using Seggers ST-Link to J-Link conversion process for the ST boards will do the trick.


Well, I guess I should have tried the obvious, “just doit”.

I have an ST stm32f3discovery board configured for ST-Link,
added the following to platformio.ini
upload_protocol = stlink
debug_tool = stlink

Connected the SWD pins appropriately
Ran Platformio debug

Debug seems to work like a charm, what little I’ve done so far anyway.

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