Is DevTimeReq already supported in the RAK gateways and endnodes?

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  • What product do you wish to discuss? RAK4631
  • What firmware are you using? Arduino BSP
  • Computer OS? Windows
  • What Computer OS version? Windows 11
  • How often does the problem happen? It is not a problem.
  • How can we replicate the problem? It is not a problem.

Good night,

I need to get the network time to synchronize with my RAK4631 endnodes. In the LoRa-Alliance documentations I found AppTimeReq documentation and a explanations:


3.2.1 DeviceTimeReq Equivalence

For end-devices with LoRaWAN version less than or equal to LoRaWAN 1.0.2, the DeviceTimeReq MAC command is not available. The end-devices can nevertheless mimic the DeviceTimeReq MAC command using this package. An end-device intending to achieve similar functionality as the DeviceTimeReq MAC command SHOULD send the AppTimeReq command in confirmed mode, without retransmissions.


Do we already have a pratical implemental to get a Clock Synchronization in a RAK4631 (Arduino BSP) environment?



LoRaWAN stack used in Arduino BSP is V1.0.2 and it does not support that functionality.