Is it possible to apply the rak3172 send&receive function simultaneously?

Is it possible to apply the rak3172 send&receive function simultaneously?

rak3172 Currently only checked in one direction.
In the case of the rak4270, it was confirmed that the send & receive function can be applied at the same time by uploading the custom firmware.

In other words, we want bi-directional communication in a 1:N configuration.

Can rak3172 be applied simultaneously?
for example

  1. B device > A gateway periodic transmission
  2. Gateway A > Device B Operation
  3. Device B operation complete > Gateway A
  4. B device > A gateway cycle transmission

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May I know what you mean with rak3172 Currently only checked in one direction.?

Based on your example with B device and A gateway, it seems to be a standard uplink and downlink scheme. This can be done by RAK3172 or any LoRaWAN compatible end-device.

In the case of RAK 4270, there is a function of simultaneous send & receive mode with custom firmware on github.

What Iā€™m curious about is whether the RAK 3172 product works simultaneously in send & receive mode.

Technically the LoRa transceiver can be in either RX or in TX mode, but not in both at the same time.

What the example does is that you setup the device as either RX or TX and it stays in that mode.

If you want a mix, you can do the following:

// Start RX with TX enabled

api.lorawan.precv(65533); // Start RX but keep TX possible as an option

Then if you need to send something

api.lorawan.psend(your_length, your_payload);

and the device goes back to RX mode after it has finished sending the packet.


I did not test this. This is taken from the RUI3 documentation

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Oh, I see. Then, is it possible to configure 1:N configuration?

For example, with rak 3172 units, 1 out of 3 will be attached to the gateway device and 2 will be attached to the equipment

Maybe you can elaborate your setup.

My first reply is related to LoRaWAN.
Then @beegee reply is related to LoRa P2P.

Whichever mode you use (LoRaWAN or LoRa P2P), the semtech lora transceiver only operates in half-duplex. It can only act as TX or RX one at a time. If it is transmitting, it cannot receive. It is receiving, it cannot transmit. But can it can switch mode TX or RX mode easily.

The 1:N configuration is vague to us. To add more on the confusion is the 1/3 to Gateway then 2/3 to the attached equipment. To be honest, I lost on the current setup you have :slight_smile: