Is it possible to change the Gateway EUI on RAK7249?

Issue: I’m wondering if it’s possible to edit the Gateway EUI on my RAK7249 GUI to make it more readable, then make the adjustment on the ttn…or will this completely screw it up?

Setup: RAK7249 outdoor Gateway

LoRa® Server:


Why does it need to be more readable?

Proper, official EUI’s like the one that RAK have allocated to your gateway cost actual money and are designed to ensure that no-one clashes with anyone else.

So DEADBEEF would be a really useless EUI as it’s bound to be used somewhere else, but is definitely more readable.

I copy & paste via an ssh terminal in to a mini database (OK, it’s a text document), so I never have to actually type them. But I do have post-its on my desk with EUI’s I’ve had to write down …

Hi Nick, for me it needs to be more readable so I can easily identify the id when looking at packet data coming in from a node, if a number of gateways pick it up, I want to easily identify it.

Sounds like you should write a tool to analyze the data feed and transform it into a format you prefer. For example looking up the gateway EUI’s in a dictionary and appending a name field.

Is it the node that you want to identify? As this would imply that you are looking at the logs for a particular gateway - so you’d not need to change that.

Or is it that you look at the node’s meta data and want to identify from it which gateways heard it? In which instance learning your EUI’s by heart like I do :wink: is the way to go, or as Chris suggests, creating some other view that translates the EUI’s.

In that respect, the HTTP integration provides the meta data and you can do all sorts of things with the incoming info and transform it at the same time. I log to mySQL with PHP (as I am that old), the script adds new nodes & gateways it hasn’t heard of and I have a field I can give it a friendly name. I can then write queries that show what a node has been sending or what a gateway has been hearing.