Is the Helium Developer Kit only to be used with Helium Network?

Is the Helium Developer Kit only to be used with Helium Network or it’s just a name for this kit?

Reason I’m asking this is because I would like to use the Lora Nodes and sensors in a private LoRaWAN Network

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The kit is LoRaWAN compatible, so you can use it in your LoRaWAN Network, or another one. It is not limited to Helium, it is simply designed with Helium in mind.


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I’m have still buy about development kit ,how i can setup with this , ple someone can help me how I can setup that and how connection and run complete with helium ,
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You can use the Helium Developer Kit for any LoRaWAN network or LoRaWAN server. It is not only for Helium.

For example codes, tutorials and Quick Start Guides, we do not have specific guides for Helium, but the general setup is the same for all LoRaWAN networks. The difference is in the LoRaWAN server (for Helium it is called the Helium Console)

You can find these documents in our Documentation Center in the WisBlock category WisBlock | RAKwireless Documentation Center