Is there a more detailed datasheet for the RAK12007?

I am missing some information in the datasheet of the RAK12007 ultrasonic sensor.
In the quick start guide it says about the PD pin: “power done control (=1 power done,=0 power on” but nowhere in the datasheet does it say what this pin does exactly. I thought the power is controlled via WB_IO2 pin.
Another comment in the example code is: “ECHO pin max timeout is 33000us according to it’s datasheet”.
However, I could not find this information anywhere in the datasheet.

Thanks in advance.

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The RAK12007 module uses CS100A chipset. The info about PD pin and ECHO timeout is on that chip datasheet. WB_IO2 is for the who power of the module and separate on the PD pin (power down) of the CS100A chip.

Thanks for your answer. But unfortunately I can’t find a datasheet for the CS-100A chipset either. Do you possibly have a PDF or a link to the datasheet?
Thank you.

In the provided quick start guide, it mentions that the PD pin controls power status (power done or power on). Could you elaborate on the process and conditions under which this pin changes from “power on” to “power done” or vice versa?

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For the PD pin, it should be kept LOW state to enable the chip. If it is HIGH, the chip will be disabled.

It is connected to WB_IO5 of WisBlock.

What model of transducers are you guys using for this device? I am using other 40khz transducers and they do not work with the cs100. Angosense does not provide a datasheet for the cs100 on their website other than information that if supports 40khz transducers. These transducers I am using are the closed face style, does this matter or is there a specific voltage or other rating I need to follow for the transducers? @RAKwireless @carlrowan

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Can you please share me the transducer you are using? Maybe a specs or datasheet.

I cannot commit yet since I have to check first with our team if we have direct contact with Angosense. Any info you can give on the transducer, I’ll just forward to the team so we can check.

@carlrowan - I’d like to thank you for the prompt reply, I really appreciate it.

The descriptions of these transducers are as follows:


@carlrowan - Here is the second one:


Screenshot 2024-01-25 at 10.55.36 AM

Hi @ericscott ,

I am not sure if this can help you well but we found a Chinese version datasheet. Then I just use online tool to translate in english.

Chinese datasheet:

CS100A芯片手册V2.0.pdf (510.6 KB)

English datasheet:

datasheet_cs100 en.pdf (927.4 KB)

Hi @ericscott ,

I got feedback from our hardware engineer and he suggest to check if the right orientation on the transducer were mounted on the board.