Is there a way for wisnode to send the same data repeatly after an AT command is sent?

Some nodes of other brands I use can do this after brushing firmware.

I found that on wisnode, if I need to send data repeatedly and regularly, I can only perform such operations as at+send=lora:2:1234567890 once.

Hi @haowong ,

There is no direct way to do that on RAK811.

The option you have is you can use the RUI. RUI is the RAKwireless Unified Inteface. More info here Getting Started | RAKwireless Documentation Center

We have an example of automatic sending on github Products_practice_based_on_RUI_v2.0/app_RAK811.c at master · RAKWireless/Products_practice_based_on_RUI_v2.0 · GitHub

Another option is to program the RAK811 via Arduino way. The instruction how to do that is here Evaluation_Boards/RAK811 at master · RAKWireless/Evaluation_Boards · GitHub

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