Is there a way to get RSSI and/or SNR in Wisblock?

When Wisblock sends data to the lora gateway, for confirmed packets, the gateway responds with a confirmation.
Is there any way to get the RSSI and/or SNR that the gateway is seeing from the Wisblock, inside the Wisblock’s arduino code? I want to display this info locally on the Wisblock using the OLED display.

Thank you.

A node’s software can be written to know the signal strength at which the node hears the gateway, though I don’t know if this is.

But a node can’t know the signal strength at which the gateway hears the node - that only goes upstream to the server and whatever consumes the data.

You could write some custom infrastructure side logic that then pushed that information back down to the node. One advantage of this is that you could also customize the confirmation logic. If you’re going to use confirmation (arguably, you shouldn’t) by doing it yourself at application level you can not only include a small amount of extra useful data (like the signal report you want to send back) rather than an effectively empty packet, but you can write your own more carefully tuned rules about retries and duplicates. You’d technically be sending unconfirmed traffic, so each uplink message would have its own frame count, but some of them would trigger a downlink reply as confirmation.