Is there any gateway to use in Japan?

Could you please tell me is there any gateway (or gateway module) developed by RAK which is certified to use in Japan? I found that RAK811 module was MIC certified. Could anyone tell me which antennas are permitted along with this module?

Maybe you can try the AS923 band, the antenna is 915/923mhz.

@ [Nicholas] Thanks for your reply. Lora node module RAK811 for AS923 is fine for Japan and it is MIC certified. But so far I know, this kind of certification is applied with some antennas. If someone wants to use the module, he/she can not choose any arbitrary antenna, rather need to use anyone among the antennas certified along with the module.
I have gone through the specification of RAK gateways and they support AS923. So technically they are fine with Japan. But I want to know is there any gateway or gateway module from RAK that is already certified by TELEC( or MIC) for Japanese market?

Hi @alen,

I’m sorry. We haven’t LoRa gateway or gateway module with Japan certification now.

Thanks for confirmation. Is there any plan for Japanese Certification for gateways? What about the list of permitted antennas for RAK811?