Issue regarding the US915 frequency plan on RAK7248 no LTE (RAK2287 + raspberry pi)

Issue: Issue regarding the US915 frequency plan

Setup: RAK7248 no LTE (RAK2287 + raspberry pi)

Server: Chirpstack

Hello everyone, my issue is about setting up the US915 Frequency plan on my LoRaWAN gateway. We are using the following github repo: GitHub - RAKWireless/rak_common_for_gateway

Everything works fine only if we set it up, using the “sudo gateway-config” menu, to the EU968 band. For some reason, when we update the radio band to the correct one (US915 plan), our nodes (programmed also for the US915 plan) send the message to the gateway, our gateway listens to it, but it just don’t asign it to the corresponding node, on the chirpstack application side, it only shows (sometimes) how many time has passed since the last message, but the data isn’t there, like if it had an error on the payload or something, i don’t know.
I’m from Mexico and looking for some regulatory info, the US915 frequency plan is the ISM band we have to use.
I saw another topics about it (like this one: D4H RAK7248 + WisBlock Kit 2 and ChirpStack server, no device data ), but looks a completely different problem

Did you buy the gateway for US915?

Could be the same reason as in this topic about the RAK7289.

The RAK7248 comes as well in different HW version with different concentrators. A gateway for EU868 does not work in US915 and vice versa.

Addresing my issue, I just recently solved it. The problem was the frequencies range declared in the Chirpstack configuration were just the ones for the EU868 plan, you must include there the ones for the US915 plan

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