Issues with TTN

I am having an issue with my gateway, i have registered it on TTN and suddenly it stopped being available there , it is showing that is not connected and i have not modified anything.

Can it be used normally before? Or have you never used it properly?

Hi @josephusoso
First, it is not a bad idea to tell us what Gateway are you using :wink:
And please check that the Gateway is connected to internet.

I am using RAK7258, it was working for like 3 days, but now is showing that is not connected

Before it was working normally

How can I Checked if it is getting internet?

i found that it is connected to internet and it have been given an IP address, but still it cant reach ttn

Hi @josephusoso,

Can we see the gateway logs perhaps?
Also can you check the the Gateway EUI matches the one you entered in TTN.
The Packet Forwarder protocol is set to Semtech UDP … and you have the correct server address for you local TTN ?