J-Link RTT Viewer Debug Output - Termite Serial

I am able to see debug output in RTT Viewer V6.88a while connected to the RAK5010 however when RTT Viewer is connected, any commands that I send from Termite show up in RTT Viewer, however those commands never get executed. They just look to time out.

For example (Only Terminte, no J-Link):

  • Connect Termite 3.4 to my device, wait for it to boot.
  • Send “at+version” and I get the correct response.
  • Send “at+set_config=cellular:(AT+QCSQ)” and I get +QCSQ: “CAT-M1”,0,-140,132,-3 in response

Connect J-Link and open a connection in RTT Viewer

  • Send “at+version” and I get the correct response.
  • Send “at+set_config=cellular:(AT+QCSQ)” and it never responds, just times out.

I see in the RTT Viewer this:

00> [00:47:13.329,000] app: at+version
00> Firmware Version: RUI v3.0.0.11
00> OK
00> [00:47:13.336,000] app: APP_USBD_CDC_ACM_USER_EVT_TX_DONE
00> [00:55:57.958,000] app: APP_USBD_CDC_ACM_USER_EVT_RX_DONE
00> [00:55:57.964,000] app: USBD RX=at+set_config=cellular:(AT+QCSQ)
00> [00:55:57.976,000] app: at_parse: at+set_config=cellular:(AT+QCSQ)
00> [00:55:57.987,000] app: gsm_cmd: AT+QCSQ
00> [01:12:24.498,000] app:
00> [01:12:24.505,000] app: APP_USBD_CDC_ACM_USER_EVT_TX_DONE

I do not see the expected response of “+QCSQ: “CAT-M1”,0,-140,132,-3”

I’m trying to debug an issue where the Q86 stops responding to commands over time, however by just plugging in the J-Link I can cause the same issue.


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