Join MAC version 1.0.0 device to RAK server

Hi, I have some MultiTech mDot left over. I want to join to RAK server so that I can use them again. Does anyone has done this? I can’t get it to work so far.

I have changed RAK server to device-profile to LoraWAN Mac version 1.0.0, but usually, I need to setup Network Id and Network Key for join mDot, how it configures to join the RAK server?

Hi, I got mDot joined to RAK gateway/server successfully, I can send and receive data from RAK gateway/server now, by setting frequency_sub_band = 7, but I don’t understand why is 7? I have RAK7243 with RPI 3. I think it is working in 8 sub bands (AU915) concurrently?

Which device is this setting on? Node, gateway or chirpstack?

On the mDot c++ code. The RAK server still setup as class c, MAC standard 1.0.2. And working with RAK 811 at the same time. mDot is node from MultiTech, MAC 1.0.0