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I’m using quite a few RAK7201 for some of my customers but it has one major issue :frowning: If you let it die of battery it looses the join information and needs to be joined back manually which is very annoying.
Would it be possible to plan in future firmware to be able to do the join request by pushing all 4 buttons together for example ? It would allow easily for customer to get device back working if he forget to recharge it on time :slight_smile:



Hi @vincen ,

My RAK7201 is deployed our small coffeeshop (as customer feedback button) and I haven’t recharged it for long time now. Still working :slight_smile:

I can’t remember if I have to manually rejoin last time I recharged it. However, I already sent this to our team. Btw, we moving to RUI3 compatible module for the RAK7201 V2 hardware soon so autojoin shouldn’t be difficult to support. I will inform you immediately if I got any info from them.

Got new info from our team. RAK7201 V2 supports rejoin by long press of button 1.

I believe you have V1 hardware so maybe you can try holding Key 2 and see if restart is ok?

Yeah it’s the terrible “default” of these devices :rofl: they last so long on one charge that you nearly forget they can die of battery :see_no_evil:

That’s great news for V2 and thanks for the very good info about V1. I confirm that a long hold on key 2 rebots the device and it automatically rejoin then so it’s the solution :wink:
I don’t know from where comes the Notice you included but it would be great to add it in documentation online for V1 as it doesn’t indicate that feature :wink:

The restart is in the documentation. It is in the end of quick start guide so likely you missed it - RAK7201 Quick Start Guide | RAKwireless Documentation Center

For V2 hardware, this it is based on RAK3172, you’ll have a chance to build your own firmware to control the LEDs as well as the buttons. It should be very flexible for your custom applications :slight_smile:

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