Just Starting Out in IoT? Top Three Questions You Should Ask First Before Using a LoRa Gateway

To start your dreams of achieving a smart future, being equipped with the right knowledge and the best devices in IoT will surely help.

Among those devices and information you need to know and invest on is a LoRaWAN® gateway. LoRa® gateways are routers that receive a device’s message and forward it to the IoT network.

One gateway is already capable of communication with thousands of devices! As such, your new IoT project’s success is heavily reliant on your gateway’s quality.

Here are the top three questions you should consider before buying your first gateway:

On which operating system is the gateway running?

An operating system is where the software is run as a background program. The operating systems that most users use are Linux, FreeRTOS, Windows, Contiki and TinyOS.

Is the gateway running on a minimal firmware?

The promise of a secured connection and low cost are the reasons why developers switch to developing IoT. Most gateways, like RAK7246 run on minimal firmware, which makes it easy to use and employ in your projects.

Does the gateway have a robust enclosure?

Given the environmental conditions where you will be using the gateway, having a robust enclosure will help the device withstand harsh conditions that can possibly disrupt the connection.

Now, creating IoT projects is as easy as ever! Equipped with the right information and criteria, you can now better discern which devices you will need for your project. Learn more here: https://medium.com/@singhkaran9218/just-starting-out-in-iot-top-three-questions-you-should-ask-first-before-using-a-lora-gateway-30ca7db85cba