Keep alive from RAK7201

Issue: Keep alive from RAK7201 pushbutton device


OK Board Core:RAK4270
LoRa chip:SX1262

OK V3.3.0.14.beta4

Server: Our IoT Platform “Element”

Is it possible to send a downframe to the RAK7201 in ordert the receive all 24 hours a keep alive payload with the battery status of the device?

I understand what you mean is that when you send a downlink, the node will send the data for 24 hours at the same time?

I only want to send the downlink to the device once. It should be a configuration instruction because I can no longer connect the device via USB to the PC because it is already in use with our customer.
In other words, the downlink only to configure the device. After that, the device should send a keep alive paket every 24h. If possible, it should include the battery status.


There is currently no support for downlink configuration instructions, but perhaps the compiled code will be open later and you can make your own code changes in response to the configuration.

Can I configure a regularly keep alive paket with the RAK serial port tool?



RAK7201 is a touch-tone product that only responds when you press the button.

Nice and good. But when the battery is empty, it does not send when you press the button.
thank you anyway for your support

It should be possible to use the RUI compiler to add this functionality in for future deployments - and the units already deployed can be exchanged - send them a new one, get the old one back, update, send that to the next site etc.