Launching RAK DFU Tool under Debian(Raspbian)

I’m trying to run RAK DFU Tool under Ubuntu on my Raspberry Pi. I downloaded and unpacked the archive from this link But when I run the file
sudo ./RAK_Device_Firmware_Upgrade_Tool_v1.4
I get the following error:

12: Syntax error: “(” unexpected

Hi @maxntf What OS you are using? Version? 32 or 64? I have just tested it on Ubuntu 22 x64 and it works fine.

I apologize for the inaccuracy. My OS is Debian (Raspbian v11) x32.
Perhaps it’s worth trying on Debian (Raspbian) x64, maybe someone has experience?

Unfortunately, it will not work. Debian and Ubuntu binaries are not compatible.

Thank you for your help. I’ll try to install Ubuntu (more precisely, the display driver settings for Ubuntu, there is a problem with them).

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