Linux x86 Lora Basic Station Tutorial

Can Rak Wireless elaborate the process to connect a basic station forwarder instead of the given semtech packet forwarder. Is there a tutorial for available.

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Hei @momo232030 ,

We have not guide as our official firmware does not support basics station on the develoepr gateways.
Seeing as your thread is for RAK2247, which we offer in none of out developer gateways maybe you can check out the Edge gateways they have support for basics station. Again no document, but I can guide you there, probably.
There is one option if you are intent on a Raspberry Pi gateway and this is using Balena:

You should be able to find a complete guide at the link. It is mean for RAK2245 or RAK2287, But RAK2247 is very similar to RAK2287 so following the guide for RAK2287 should get things going for you.


To clarify it is the RAK2245 and RAK2247 which are comparable in terms of software, the RAK2287 uses different silicon and requires the software to handle it differently.

Good catch you are right.