List of AT command for the AT firmware

Hello guys,
is it planned to implement an at+help command in order to list all the available command of the firmware ?
Have you planned to release the V3.0.3 firmware ?

hello all

The command AT for Wisnode (rak811) are very. Can you planned publish all set command AT?
Is very important for development with this board. Thank you

Hi @tasul,

V3.0.0.3 version firmware has been released last week:
and all available AT command in this version firmware have been defined in this document section 4:

BTW, it is a good idea to add an AT command at+help to list all available AT commands, i’ll add this feature in the next version. Thank you!

Hi @HCL,

I’ve published all available AT commands of the current version firmware in the document section 4:

Please refer to it.

hello all

I had this document. I thinks it is poor in relations to set command AT. For exjample:
The responses to a command and their corresponding meaning are not detailed. This is important to analyze errors and detect why it did not run correctly.

Other factorys publishs a set command AT more complete.

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thanks for this answer.
In fact I am looking for information to configure the sensors on the tracking board. In the document I do not found anything related to this topic.

Have you planned to release the code of this new firmware ?


I agree with @tasul opinion.

That document mentions set_config commands but not get_config commands.
So I don’t know how to get the set parameters.

“at+set_config=lora:region:AS923” works correctly, but “at+get_config=lora:region” does not work. (“at+region” works)
I am very confused.

Thank you

Hello @tasul


The following commands just work, but some values ​​are probably wrong…


Thank you

Hi @teki,

Actually, we’ve suppied a total AT command for users to check all of LoRa status, inlcuding region surely.

Analogously, if you want to check device’s status including sensors’s status and current sensor data, you can use the following AT command:

Hi @tasul,

I’m sorry for late, hope you can see this message.
Actually, i device to change the RUI architecture and open source all about sensors (but RUI core SDK will not be open source, it only supply a set of APIs for customizing) so that you can control and customize it as your mind, for example. add yourself sensor to I2C and send the sensor’s data through LoRa, etc.
RAK811 will be online tomorrow firstly, maybe you can have a look at it.

Hello @Fomi

Thank you for your response quickly.
I understand how to get the set parameters.

However, “at+get_config=lora:status” command is not written in the document you showed us.
Could you please update the documentation ?

Thank you.

That sounds nice !

Thank you very very much for your hard work !

Hi @teki,

I’ve checked this document, and sorry for missing this important AT command in the document.
Thank you for your suggestion, and i’ll update this document ASAP today. Meanwhile, i’ll update the firmware and add several new AT commands.

Thanks for all ! I will check asap the result of your work ! :wink:
best regards,

Hi @tasul,

We’ve done it, and you can check the new version V3.0.0.4 firmware and document here:

But it may take some time to upload, pleas check it several hours later.:slight_smile: