List of PWM-capable pins for RAK3172 via RUI3

Hello, I have searched the forums for a comprehensive answer to this question, but I could not find any definite info (here or in the docs) about which pins can and should be used for PWM on the RAK3172.

Specifically, I want to know which pins of the RAK3172 can be used with the analogWrite() function in a RUI3-based firmware and under what limitations.

From the Arduino_Led_Breathing example (also described in a forum post), I know that PA0 and PA1 support timer-based PWM via analogWrite() but multiple posts in this forum suggest that not all other GPIOs can be used for this. I need at least one more PWM capable pin for my application.

There is also a post asking pretty much the same question, but it was never answered.

I would like to know if my electronics design will work and if I can achieve the PWM control I need on top of RUI3 or if I need to dive into a lower level to control the timers and muxes myself.

By now, I did some none exhaustive tests on other pins.

My preliminary results are that the analogWrite() function only works with PA0 and PA1, none of the other pins I tested worked at all.