LNA modules for the wisblock base

Hey, so I wondered if you can add an LNA module (low noise amplifier) to increase lora sensitivity. Something like pic related.

I am trying to make a meshtastic router, and thus want it to be more powerful, so it was odd to me that most lore boards dont have any LNA in it


You can add such an LNA into the antenna cable. The RF signal is not leaving the WisBlock Core modules, so an integration in the base boards is not possible.

Beside of that, our LoRa transceivers have already 22dBm max TX power. In Europe the max transmit power for ISM bands is limited to 16dBm. So you are out of the legal specs when you send with higher power.

I am not sure if such an LNA would help the RX sensitivity, but worth a try.

Yea it goes from the IPEX plug into the antenna doesnt it? But just for convenience sake, to power it (the LNA’s require usually someting like 3-5v power), couldnt one add it as a small module? I can then get an IPEX to IPEX mini cable to lead it to a LNA module and everything should be fine?

In Europe the max transmit power for ISM bands is limited to 16dBm.

LNA’s dont send out with higher power do they? They simply are more sensitive? So you send with the same power, but if both devices have LNA’s on them you can further communicate because both devices are more sensitive. Its a way to get higher performance while respecting regulations?