Local Lora communication with RAK7200

I am completely ignorant on Lora communication
However I know that on my area there aren’t ANY active gateways and I would avoid to buy and install a Lora gateway just for this purpose which refers to a local communication

What I would need is a LOCAL Lora communication between a WisNode Track Lite RAK7200 acting as a client and another node, the HOME node, where the signals coming from the RAK7200 could be read and eventually sent to my smartphone where both the node and the smartphone should communicate in a local WIFI environment
What I am not able to identify, and I wonder it exists, is what I called the Home node, which should be capable of translating the information coming from the RAK7200 through the Lora channel to the WIFI where a smartphone should be able to read the data.
Is there any chance?

Hi @stepic7, welcome to the RAK forum.

RAK7200 by default is configured to work as Lorawan end node. If you want it to work as a Lora device with your own way or protocol, you need to write and upload your own firmware.

It is based on a SiP device named S76G. It has an integrated stm32 and a lora transeiver. You can work on stm32 firmware. Or you can check this arduino port, it has an example of TX and RX ping-pong mode https://github.com/lewisxhe/Acsip-S7xG-Library.

Regarding Wifi, you need your Lora RX to be controlled by a wifi device like esp8266/esp32 so you can get your data via smartphone.

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Surely a great application for a WisBlock with a WiFi module?

Only if one wants to do a lot of custom development and accept a fair amount of limitation. If there’s a lot of development capability and a very low parts budget that could be a possibility, but it won’t be simple.

Realistically it’s better to use a LoRaWAN gateway like a RAK7258. That could run stand alone, or better yet pushing data up to storage in the cloud.

In any scheme, a key piece not really be contemplated is some sort of data platform to retain the uplinks, and make them available to a phone client which will connect at its convenience to view things, versus the more “real time subscription” kind of feed that comes out of the radio or LoRaWAN system itself.

A useful solution looks like:

basestation (eg gateway)
protocol server (eg lorawan server)
database saving historical data
database query interface
mobile or web-browser end user client

I agree. Possible.

Actually, if I am in the situation @stepic7, it will be easier and more scalable to use 2 wisblock instead of forcing to use RAK7200.

I think I found something resembles what I am looking for, it is the
https://www.meshtastic.org/ network, working to implement LoRa local communication without any infrastructure
I wonder RAKWireless devices are or can be made compliant with their approach
I think it is a very promising new view open to many different applications/markets as very clearly explained in their site

I checked their documentation and they actually support one of our tracker products RAK815 - https://store.rakwireless.com/products/rak815-hybrid-location-tracker?variant=22375234076772

It was listed as one the boards on their github https://github.com/meshtastic/Meshtastic-device/tree/master/boards

As I said on your duplicate thread on the TTN forum, this is a niche application aimed at outdoor & flying activities - if you are using RAK modules, they have a great LoRa to LoRa function built in.

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Hello @carlrowan
I was wondering about your suggestion:
…it will be easier and more scalable to use 2 wisblock …
Would it be possible even without a connection to a gateway, I mean with a peer to peer connection?
I was thinking of a wisblock with PIR, vibration, accelerometer transmitting data as soon as any of the sensors give a wake-up signal and to be received by another wisblock connected by BLE to an App giving notification to a connected smartphone
I understand actual hardware can make this project feasible, However what about the necessary user interface?
Thanks a lot for your comments

In theory that’s possible, but given the short range of BLE not very robust.

Sensible systems are going to use storage and normal network protocols to get the information to a phone in response to a query when someone is interested, not as a drip feed requiring that the phone stay very near the system./

Are you really sure you want to re-invent all of this from scratch and not use existing mature systems?

Hi @stepic7,

On the Lora P2P part using wisblock, you won’t have any critical issue. On the smartphone App, I am not really sure how you’ll implement it but there must be a way to create a notification from RAK4631 via BLE. If this will be a commercial product in thousands, your challenge will be the user experience. Unlike on industrial setting where aesthetic and feel are secondary to reliability, robustness and safety.

Hi @cstratton,

Regarding distance, I think the receiving Lora device is near the smartphone so it won’t be an issue.

People may be staying in a lot more than they used to, but a system that loses data any time you leave the house doesn’t make sense.

Really a lot of the benefits of an IoT system come from being able to see what happens over time, and even more so from being able to see what is going on in a location where you currently are not.

Traditional architectures already handle these situations quite well; and of course work well when you’re right beside them, too.

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well I am not sure of what @cstratton is saying, it depends very much on the application one is thinking and therefore on the market.
The one I was thinking and to which @carlrowan responded it might have a huge low cost applications/markets.
I will just give few examples:

and all the examples discussed in the Meshtastic forum

They are focused on short range tracing/alarm on which I leave the examples to your imagination

The example @carlrowan was making
…On the Lora P2P part using wisblock, you won’t have any critical issue…

For what I understand the only problem is a suitable App to interface with the receiver side by BLE and a suitable cover to make it pleasant

I wonder RAKwireless has any project on this

Regarding cover/enclosure, we have in our store off the shelf enclosures for wisblock. I am not sure if it fits you application but might be useful for your initial prototype.

Btw, wisblock is not limited to those enclosures. It is a flexible IoT hardware platform. We have partners who are expert in designing and manufacturing enclosures. However, customized solutions also come at a cost like tooling, etc. But if you have a vision of thousand devices, that cost will be negligible.

For the APP, we do not have any RAK Smart APP yet. But BLE is commonly used so it must not be rocket science. Check out some BLE apps or github repos compatible to NRF52840 which is the MCU inside RAK4631. Those might be quick solution for your personal project or quick prototype. But for commercial use, it is better to consult a SW dev professional for your smartphone APP.

I shall look forward for a RAK smart App, I think it will open many new applications and should be therefore of interest to your firm
Thanks a lot for your suggestions

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Hi, just want to ask, what is TX and RX ping pong mode? Appreciate your help, thank you

Welcome to RAK forum @Syafiqah ,

I think I already shared some answer to this question here

The default firmware doesn’t support pingpong mode.