Longevity/availability of RAK833

Looking for information for the longevity and availability of RAK833 devices, i.e. these questions in particular:

  1. Till what year RAK833 devices are planned to be available for purchase?
  2. Till what year FW fixes are planned to be released?

Thank you,
– Constantine.

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Hello, Thanks for your question. At least coming 5 years, we don;'t have plan to EOL RAK833. But I would you to evaluate the product of RAK2247:

the performance enhancement will be:

1: Tx power increased to 27dbm
2:solder on the heatsink and better performance heat dispassion.

Finally, May I ask what do you mean for FW fixed? Do you mean how many years we maintain the software/firmware support for rak833?

Hi @kenyu,
Thank you very much for your reply.

Yes, the question is on the software/firmware support longevity.

Yet another question.
We have a proprietary protocol on top of LoRa (different from LoRaWan). Is it easy to use RAK833 or RAK2247 for just sending proprietary packets on top of LoRa (unicast and broadcast)?

Thank you very much,

Hi, @celster

We’ve a set of fully open source firmware for RAK2247/RAK833, which can only work on LoRaWAN now. If you want to execute your proprietary protocol, i think you can do it based on our open source firmware.

Thank you very much @Fomi

Could you please refer to how to setup FW development and debug environment for RAK833/RAK2247?

Thank you very much,

Hi, @celster

There are some open source projects developed by RAK on Github, maybe you can refer to them:

  1. MT7628 + OpenWRT + RAK833/RAK2247

  2. RPI + RAK833/RAK2247

  3. SolidRun + RAK833/2247

@Fomi, thank you very much!