Looking for source: LoRaWan-RAK4630.h

I know the source is out there somewhere as my sketches are compiling and running but I’d like to review the actual source for LoRaWan-RAK4630.h and I’m assuming LoRaWan-RAK4630.cpp. I’ve searched my Windows 10 AppData folder(s) but no luck. Can someone point me in the right direction?

Found it in \Arduino\libraries\SX126x-Arduino\src\

No LoRaWan-RAK4630.cpp that I could find.

A bit underwhelming but now I know (code below)

#ifdef NRF52_SERIES
#ifndef LORAWAN_RAK4630_H
#define LORAWAN_RAK4630_H
#include "LoRaWan-Arduino.h"
#include <SPI.h>
extern SPIClass SPI_LORA;

There is no LoRaWan-RAK4630.cpp. The header file LoRaWan-RAK4630..h was originally required to distinguish between different MCU versions. With the next version of the library all different MCU’s can use LoRaWAN-Arduino.h