LoRa 2247 - multi-channel Rx/TX

I’m using RAK2247 USB module in a Gateway platform using libloragw

i wish to work with both RF-chains. both should perform TX and RX simultaneously @ BW=250KHz (or 250 and 125).
is such scheme supported?
Is there a way to transmit & receive using both RF chains simultaneously?

if not, i wish to create an alternate scheme:
1. IF-channel=8 (Type=IF_LORA_STD) (BW=250) linked to RF-chain 0, Freq=F1, TX only
2. IF-channel=0 (Type=IF_LORA_MULTI) (BW=125) linked to RF-chain 1, Freq=F2, RX only
@Tme=T1 (=T0 + ~50msec)
1. IF=8 (BW=250) linked to RF-chain 1, Freq=F1, RX only
2. IF=0 (BW=125) linked to RF-chain 0, Freq=F2, TX/RX

is there a way to config the RF and IF while the RAK has started and is operative?
if configuration can be done after RAK has started, how long does it take to configure 2 RF chains and 2 IF channels?


Hi @dekel.nueman,

I am not an expert however I see it like this:
Simultaneous transmission, if theoretically possible using the circuitry is still limited by time/frequency. If you are using a single antenna you can either transmit and receive at the same time on different frequencies, or transmit and receive on the same frequency, however in different time window. Having two radio chains can implement this, however as you want to transmit at the same time you would need to transmit in different frequency channels. In LoRa Class A (RX1 window) this is not the case.
If you are doing custom developed, than yes this would be possible.
However what you want is not part of any LoRa or LoRaWAN implementation that I have seen or heard of so you would have to design it yourself.
As far as I understand what you want to do is possible, however it has not been done as it is less efficient than what lora is :slight_smile:

If you want to mess deeper check this https://github.com/Lora-net/sx1302_hal
In the code you will find all logic. If you want you can change it :wink: