Lora Channel spamming

A question of principle:

The concentrator board has 8 channels.

With Arduinos I can create a peer to peer connection
and push the messages as much as I want. (like ever 250 ms)

No airtime here.

If I can be on all channels in such a short period of time
news push, is it possible to paralyze the network ?

…like a ddos for Gateway ? :wink:

@Hobo Interesting topic for you :slight_smile:

Hello @fritze,

This will work, however to what end. This is technically what happens anyways if you overload the duty cycle, no one can stop you there anyways, you don’t need to have a peer to peer connection. Remember Gateways see all packets in general so just dump data all the time and Bob’s your uncle. That being said you still have multiple SF so this will not actually block all the channels, but a single channel on every sub-band, so packets will still get through.
I mean nothing is interference resistant, not really if your goal is to purposefully interfere. The point is to be interference resistant in normal working conditions I believe.
That is just my 2 cents on it though, what do you think.
Are you going to build it. Where I am from this will not be a big issue, but you might end up in trouble :wink: