LoRa geolocation with RAK7246G

I want to test LoRa Geolocation for accuracy. As per this whitepaper, 4 gateways are sufficient enough.

Want to perform this test for farm field which has only trees to the accuracy.

RAK7246G gateway is good enough for this test ? anyone has done this test with any RAK gateways ?

Nope, not even a little bit. It’s a great bit of kit, but is literally a Citroen 2CV to the sort of muscular gateway with hard deadline tasking and fine timestamps plus the additional module from Semtech & software license. Last I checked you’d be in the $750+ range for that.

You could use the RAK7246G for a vague estimate based on the RSSI for which Semtech provide a fairly useful API to do this, but as per the white paper, you are talking about a 1,000 - 2,000m radius. Which at street level is useless but not so bad in the desert.