Lora module in weatherproof box and antenna outside

Hi is it possible Lora module in weatherproof box and antenna outside?

Yes that is possible.

But you cannot just use a single wire. RF path should always be considered as a transmission line. And a single piece of wire will act as antenna which will modify the resonant freq of your current coil antenna.

Your option is to use fiber glass antenna that is commonly used for outdoor setup and use RF shielded cable like LMR series type. Fiber glass antenna usually have N-Type connector and the connector on the device side can be SMA/RP-SMA or N-Type to.

Some items you can consider to use.

Btw, what RAK device are you using now and why you need 30feet?

Basically I have basic lora module with this small single wire antean on module, but i want to control relay which is located 2km from my home.

Lora module dont has option to connect single wire antenna only, i am not sure how to connect antennas you suggested.
Also is there any way to build my own anteanna?
I want controll one relay located 2km from my home.

I don’t know what do you mean by basic lora module device. I can also say that RAK3172 is a basic lora module device.

Can you share the module you are using so I can help you properly? I don’t know how it looks like, what are the pins available, what connectors, etc.

Good performance is often most readily achieved at these frequencies by putting the radio transceiver at the base of the antenna and running power and data wires from there to wherever is needed.

Note that using LoRa and in particular LoRaWAN for control can be more complicated than using it for monitoring.

Do you have mains power at the remote location? If so you can use an always listening scheme either point to point LoRa or LoRaWAN class C. But if it needs to work with only battery there, things get much more challenging. How quickly does the relay need to respond? Something that only needs to update on the timescale of a half hour or so can poll for commands.