LoRa protocol about RAK10700 GNSS Tracker

I used to RAK5205, but it is discontinued, and than I found RAK10700 GNSS Tracker.
before it buy it, don`t know communication protocol of this product.

for example, previously used - RAK5205, the first few bytes…GPS data and next few bytes voltage data …
even if I serched, I could not find protocol information for RAK10700.
Is there anyone who can help me?
Thank you ~!

Hello @zerotiger

It’s all in the docs => RAK10700 WisBlock GNSS Tracker for LoRaWAN Quick Start Guide | RAKwireless Documentation Center

It is Cayenne LPP data format. But, same as on RAK5205, if you use the higher location precision, you need an extended decoder => LPWAN-Tracker-Solution/decoders at main · RAKWireless/LPWAN-Tracker-Solution · GitHub

Thank you your reply~

I confirmed communication protocol!
Im finding source code of rak10700 to do add another sensor. searching github, dont find it. could you tell me it?

The link is in the docs: Creating Your Own GNSS Tracker Firmware

==> LPWAN-Tracker-Solution

thanks to beegee

I need to add a battery and another sensor in enclosure,
To do that I want to know the size of the interior space rather than outside size
Can I get a drawing or reference size table?

I will try to get a datasheet/drawing, but it might be difficult. We are just buying this enclosure from a Chinese supplier.

Not sure if it helps, but we have a STEP file in the Downloads Center => https://downloads.rakwireless.com/3D_File/Accessory/RAKBox-B2.stp

From the step file I could create this:

All units in mm

Hi Bernd
I’m triying to decode the RAK 10700 who I seted up from GitHub - RAKWireless/LPWAN-Tracker-Solution: LPWAN Tracker Solution "Built with RAK's WisBlock"

using the Cayenne LLP and this decoder for TTN: LPWAN-Tracker-Solution/TTN-Ext-LPP-Decoder.js at main · RAKWireless/LPWAN-Tracker-Solution · GitHub

and no one works. Whit the CayyeneLLP I get “invalid data” and with the second one I just get the voltaje in this way:

“data”: {
“voltage_1”: 4.11

If I need to get the position with 6 decimals What decoder should I use ? in order to get all the payload? Position, altitude accelerometer, ambiental and voltage?

Hello Alejandro,

Try this decoder, which is the latest updated decoder from our Github repo RAKwireless_Standardized_Payload. I am maintaining and using this decoder in all my projects and examples. It might have problems with Chirpstack V4, but as you are using TTN, it should be no problem.

For the data transmitted:

  • location is only added when the device has a valid location
  • environmental data is only added if you use the RAK1906 environmental sensor with the device
  • location data is available in 2 formats, you can setup the format with AT command through the USB port, the setting will be stored in the flash.
    • AT+GNSS=0 will set the precision to 4 digits
    • AT+GNSS=1 will set the precision to 6 digits
  • voltage is always added to the payload
  • accelerometer data is NOT added to the payload. If you need it, it requires some changes in the code, but it should be no big problem to do it. The function to read the accelerometer values is in the code, but unused at the moment.

Thank you very much, beegee. The 10700 works great for me using cayenneLPP on TTN.
I get nearly all details I need via the payload (GPS incl. altitude, voltage, temp, pressure, gas, humidity).

Is there any way to understand if the solar panel is active and charging the battery?

Thank you very much in advanced.


Welcome to the forum @somefreaks

There is no possibility to check whether the solar panel is active.
The hardware does not have any option to read the solar panel voltage.

Thank you very much for your response.