LoRa to wired RS485 modbus

is the a device that exists that will accept LoRa messages from a nodes wirelessly then convert into RS485 modbus?
I want to have the nodes transmit sensor data then a receiver receives the data and stores it for a wired modbus request

Hi @JW3141 ,

You can have a look on our WisNode Bridge if you are looking for an off-the-shelf product - Modbus RS485 Serial to LoRaWAN Bridge | RS485 to LoRa Converter – RAKwireless Store

Thank you for your suggestion
Can RAK7431 forward node packets to RS485 system?
for example
LoRa Node A —wireless–> RAK7431----RS485—> System
LoRa Node B —wireless–> RAK7431----RS485—> System


RAK7431 works in LoRaWAN mode.

If you want to control something in a RS485 with a bare LoRa packet, it is not possible.

Will be possible if the command is be coming from the network server as downlink.

OK can you suggest a solution.
I have LoRa nodes I want to them transmit packets to a central device e.g. a gateway? o

The packets can be decoded and are available via the system network

what can you suggest?

private network
Node A — > central device A ----- > decoded ----> viewable on server or other method
Node B ----> central device A ----- > decoded ---->viewable on server or other method
Node C----> central device A ----- > decoded —>viewable on server or other method